Benefits & Rates

24/7, unlimited access

That’s right, complete access to your provider through email, text, phone calls, and video calling anytime. Choose which method works best for you.


No office visit charges or co-pays on routine visits

Walk into the clinic for a routine visit, walk out with no charge.  You won’t get a bill in the mail three weeks later explaining why your insurance plan will not be covering your visit…again. The monthly membership fee covers all visits including those for diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, contraceptive management, urgent care needs – all of it.


Free in-house labs

All “CLIA-waived” tests that are done in-house are free. Strep throat, influenza, urine dip, urine pregnancy, RSV, monospot, and finger stick INR testings are all free.


Same-day scheduling

Need a visit today? No problem. Call us! It might be something we can take care of over the phone and if not, we can get you in. With a smaller patient membership base, our ability to fit you in TODAY, is almost guaranteed. We’ve got you covered, today and everyday. You’re important and we treat you as such.


Relaxed and extended visits

Do you need 60 minutes to talk about your diet and diabetes? We think so too. We want our patients to be educated so they have the tools to care for themselves. Instead of adding another medication to “make you better,” we counsel our patients on how nutrition can improve their health and prevent disease. We want our patients to have the knowledge to improve their health beyond the prescription pad.


Cost transparency for office procedures

Pay a flat fee of $20 for certain procedure including skin biopsy, toenail removal, IUD or Nexplanon placement, simple laceration repair, joint injections, colposcopy, foreign body removal, abscess drainage, and cryotherapy. Procedures that require biopsy are subject to a lab fee as they have to be viewed by a pathologist for diagnosis (see below).


Labs at cost + 10%

In traditional insurance-based models, insurance companies set the reimbursement rates on labs and clinics make money on marking up the charge. At CostCare Direct, we provide labs and pathology at OUR cost +10%, resulting in 80-90% savings to you. This alone covers a large portion of the yearly membership.


Free In-house diagnostics

Our in-house diagnostics are free to you and include EKG, audiometry, and spirometry. We work closely with our local radiology service groups to offer you the best price possible for x-ray, cat scan, MRI, and ultrasound when needed. Fees for those services are not included in the membership but we have worked to contract the best rates possible for our members.


Discounted hormone pellets

Hormone pellet insertion costs $50. The hormone pellets are $16, our cost+10%. Under this model that’s more than a 50% savings.



With your membership comes the added benefit of getting Botox and Juvederm at discounted prices. We charge $20 for the procedure and then, depending on the amount needed, you are charged for the product. Botox will be $9 a unit (typically $13), and Juvederm will be $450 per syringe with normal pricing around $600. We also offer Kybella and Voluma services.


CostCare BootCamp

One other benefit to the membership is reduced costs to our popular 6-week nutritional bootcamp. DPC members will receive a $150 discount to the program. Find more information here.

Membership Rates


AGES (0-18 )

*with an adult plan


AGES (19-64)

*per person


AGES (65-99)

*100+, Free

*Please Note:  There is a one time registration fee of $70 per person and $150 per family. You may cancel your membership at anytime without a penalty.

Ready to become a member or want to learn more about CostCare Direct?

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