Frequently Asked Questions

Direct primary care is a membership-based model of primary care. We take the middleman out of healthcare, allowing the patient to become the center of care.

We do not bill insurance. The red tape, billing, and administrative burden it takes to deal with third-party payers are some of the reasons healthcare has become so expensive. By not billing insurance, we can keep our overhead down, allowing the savings to be passed on to patients.

Direct primary care is NOT insurance. We recommend having an insurance plan with the highest deductible you and your family feel comfortable with and that can provide wrap-around coverage in case of a major medical event.

Options include the typical major insurance plans and marketplace “exchange” plans. Lesser known, but possibly better cost options, are health-sharing plans that include plans from Liberty Health, Christian Health Ministries, Medi-Share, and Samaritan Ministries. You need to pay attention to what they do cover and what they DON’T cover (birth control is a big one). They are more affordable and are considered non-ACA compliant because they typically offer less coverage for preventative services. Those who have carried the plans in the past were still subject to the individual mandate tax as these plans were not considered legitimate under the ACA. However, the individual mandate may very well be repealed (as of December 6th 2017 the US Senate has voted to remove it) allowing these plans to be more attractive.

In the event you need to be referred to a surgeon or specialist, your DPC membership will not cover their services.

Yes. Medicare patients will need to sign a waiver confirming their understanding that we will not be billing Medicare for any of our services.

There is no formal financial contract. We do review a care agreement so that you understand what is included in the membership. You pay month-to-month. You can opt out anytime and upon doing so your membership will be cancelled. However, keep in mind that our providers will see 600 patients or less. If you cancel and the 600 slots become filled you will not be able to renew your membership until a slot becomes available.

Payment can be made monthly or yearly, it’s up to you. We can take payment in the form of automatic monthly withdraws from your checking account or credit card.

CostCare Direct is located at 2819 Great Northern Loop Ste 100 Missoula, MT, 59808. We are off Mullan Road between Reserve Street and Broadway. Clinic hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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